About Us

About Us


Who are we?

Today.AFK is a non-profit created with a goal of promoting and popularizing gaming and esports in the City of Osijek through educating about responsible gaming.

The term ''responsible gaming'' points to the importance of all the aspects of gaming. Gaming is a form of entertaniment, but also helps with skill development, socializing, advancing communication skills through interacting with other gamers and creating meaningful relationships. Online safety is also one of the important things we'd like to educate all gamers about, especially pre-teens.

Through various activities we'd like to bring gaming and esport closer to our community and place Osijek among the well-known cities related to gaming. 

In order to achieve that, it's important to connect and strengthen the currently dispersed gaming and esports scene as well as make gaming and esports more familiar with the locals. Because of the emphasis on responsible gaming, our activities will be interesting to non-gamers as well. Our primary focus are parents and persons in direct contact with children. Our goal is to present gaming as an activity that has a positive influence on cognitive abilities and socialization.


August 2021

First event

September 11th, 2021

  • To prevent and raise awareness of cyberbullying and online violence
  • To decrease toxicity within gaming communities
  • To create a comfortable and safe online space
  • To popularize gaming and esports in the area
  • To developing different sets of skills in children and young adults
  • To educate about online safety
  • Appropriate online communication
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Zero tolerance for cyberbullying
  • Promoting online safety through video games
  • Gender equality

Raise awareness of gaming as a tool for socializing. Destigmatize gaming through safe and responsible online behavior. Point out the possibilities of professional gaming.

To expand the already existing gaming scene and make gaming accessible to everyone, while at the same time pointing out the possibilities that gaming offers and educating about online security.


What we do

Host Tournaments

Our tournaments are appropriate for all ages and are completely adjusted to those they're intended for - kids, young adults, adults, senior gamers. All that with an emphasis on responsible gaming.

Educate About Online Safety

We're aware that there is a real possibility of encountering a threat while using the internet, especially when it comes to minors. Because of this, online safety is an indispensable part of our activites.

Create Content

We are trying to bring our work closer to the general public through entertaining content such as podcasts, gameplays and vlogs.

Popularize gaming

In our work, we try to include as many volunteers as possible in order to show the existence of interest in gaming, but also the existence of opportunities for employment in gaming.

Create a comfortable online environment

We're creating a zero-tolerance cyberbullying community that promotes reduced toxicity and appropriate online communication.